What is paintless dent repair?

It is a repair process that utilizes special tools to access the backside of a dent and to carefully repair the damaged area without use of body fillers or paint

How long will the repair take?

On average, around one hour

How much will the repair cost?

Typically less than $100.  Cost may vary depending on dent complexity.

What size dents can be repaired?

We can repair all sizes of dents from door dings & hail damage to creases and larger dents.  Some dents cannot be repaired due to their location, the sharpness of the crease or a lack of access to the backside of the dent.  Call us to find out if we can help you!

What are the advantages of Dent Masters PDR vs traditional dent repair?

Using our low-cost alternative to conventional dent repair, we preserve your original factory finish.  Therefore, there is no worry about color match.  Our same day service means that there are no overnight stays for your vehicle and no need for a rental car.  We also provide mobile repairs so we can come to you.  A repaired dent also increases the value of your vehicle at trade-in time or when you decide to sell.